Laws of the land (Stream Rules) by Team Helldog -Ballista

Here are some rules I developed when I host my streams. These rules are not to tyrannize or scrutinize the audience, but placed to ensure that other members have a good time and me, as the host can guarantee quality work and fun in a timely manner.

  1. No RP. As fun as it is, RP fills the chat too quickly and robs others a chance to get in any words in edgewise if there are any and sometimes the host may miss any last minute requests that a customer may have.

  2. No arguing. Some people like a good debate and so do I. But when a conversation becomes extended and heated it ruins the mood for others and distracts the host from their task. A warning will be given and any sign of continuity will result in a Mute or Kick.

  3. Respect one another, Respect the host. Everyone’s here for the same reason. To have a good time, keep your smiles on and your spirits high. As for the host; they are there for YOUR entertainment. If you don’t like what the Stream Host is doing and if you are not a customer: Simply leave. No need for conflict, no need for insults, we’re all adults here. (Or so I hope)

  4. No out of schedule requests. Many hosts, like myself create a schedule to keep themselves organized. Certain events happen at certain times. If you do not like a certain event, simply leave. No one will force you to stay and a host wouldn’t diverge from his/her schedule for your personal pleasure.

  5. No personal information. It’s an arts/activity stream, not a hook up site. Whatever the host, customer or audience member gives you in the way of personal information or personal` effects is on them. Additionally its shows a lack of respect when one badgers information out of someone. Furthermore any personal information will not be given publically over the streams.

  6. No advertising (Without permission). This includes links to other streamers, artists, links to NSFW sites (when the content the host has is SFW) or offensive content such as Racially, Religiously, Socially or Politically charged sites and blogs, CP, illegal purchases or ‘Deep Net’ material. This is merely a business safety measure as it could cost the host customers or audience members and possibly bring down audience morale. After all you wouldn’t advertise McDonald’s products at a Burger King or wear a “KGB Is For Me” shirt in a family restaurant.

  7. No full screen movies/TV Shows, etc. It’s not allowed by the site’s TOU so it’s not allowed by me. Sorry.

  8. No social status abuse/special treatment. (Corresponds with rule 4.) I love the people that support (friends, fans, etc.) me and far be it from me to deprive them of what they want but, it must be understood that if there is a task that needs doing, I expect you as a customer or audience member to respect my diligence and integrity. At no time should I have to switch tasks for the simple fact that “You say so.” Or “You’re my friend.” I dislike being ‘guilted’ and I’m sure you as a person would dislike it to.

Thats it for now but thes rules are subject to change!! Keep that in mind.

Laws of the land (Stream Rules)

Team Helldog -Ballista

18 December 2015 at 23:34:37 MST

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