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An amusing coincidence I discovered by Firehazard

You all remember my hyena character Vashti that I just posted like a month ago, right? In case you weren't familiar, she's named after a Persian queen mentioned in the Bible. According to the story, the king was having a bacchanal with a bunch of foreign dignitaries, and summoned her to appear before them. She refused, and the king got pissed and dumped her.

On a whim I decided to look her up on Wikipedia. Most of it was unsurprising. Popular belief that she was specifically told to show up naked, sure... stuff about being revered in some feminist circles, I would imagine so... wait what's this now

[The authors of the Midrash] attribute her unwillingness to appear before the king and his drinking partners not to modesty, but rather to an affliction with a disfiguring illness. One account relates that she suffered from leprosy, while another states that the angel Gabriel came and "fixed a tail on her." The latter possibility is often interpreted as "a euphemism for a miraculous transformation to male anatomy."

Oh my... *blush* And I named a hyena after this woman. You're all aware what's unique about female hyenas, right?

An amusing coincidence I discovered


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