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-How do you keep your chubby figure despite walking around so much?
-Why do you like grass?
-What SHOULD I ask you?
-If I put a saddle on you, could I ride you around? Unstoppable steed?
-Does flame body ever hurt or cause fixation?
-How do you feel about becoming a Typhlosion some day?


-What was it like training with the evil 'chicken'?
-What did evolution feel like?


-How did it feel to have a human stuck between your toes?!
-Do you plan on bluntly confessing to Hermes any time soon?
-Do you realize how popular you are on FurAffinity?


-What is it like being a spoopy ghosty?
-What do good/bad dreams taste like?


-Do you know how proud you made your mom when you beat that Scyther?!
-Who's a good Togepi?


-Who do you want to evolve into?
-Considering you're in a bad position, are you still going to chase your love interest?

The whole Team:

-Can we get a picture with everyone?
-How do you all feel about each other? I'm sure there's some secret conflicts/crushes there!!!
-Which one of you is the ditto in disguise?
-You're all doing amazing! Keep it up, and don't die!
-If you could pick what species/type you were, who would you choose?
-What would your epic theme songs be?!
-Do you like pie?


-If you could pick which species/types you have, which would you choose?
-What is your favorite type/species?
-Do you know any of the rumors surrounding....Whitney?!
-If you could be a poke'mon, which poke'mon would you be?

The Author:

-What are the average life spans and IQs of poke'mon in this world?
-What will become of the daycare?
-Do you have plans for after this comic ends?
-How did you come up with your respective usernames?

The Question Box is OPEN


15 December 2015 at 12:48:35 MST

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    Lokii, why do you love grass so much, like?????

    Can we also do the gloomy demeter, like
    Demeter, what do you want to evolve into?

    Whole Team
    Let me just say you guys are all amazing, dun die <3

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      You can ask anyone thats shown up anything you want. :)

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    Whole team: You are all doing such an amazing job! Keep protecting each other and growing strong!

    Author: It is always really great to see your comic appear in my submitted art box! Do you have any plans when/if this comic ends?

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      Author: Also yes, what are the average lifespans of pokemon in this world?

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        Hehe!! Ive added them!