Hello + Twitters by Myan

(reposts from FA, since I got a bit of recent followers here as well)

May I warmly welcome the recent followers that have come lately! ' w ')/ <3333
I tend to draw a wide range of things so sit back and relax if you're up for that lol Otherwise I thank you very much for deeming me worthy to watch~! ; u ; ) <3333

As quite enough of you either have noticed or decided to watch me in order to check what I'll have to offer more in a particular subject, I indulge in chub and beyond kind of art, yet I'm still a little shy in sharing certain levels of it (I was hesitant with my latest uploads) but either way, I don't plan to flood my gallery with it. I have an AD twitter for that kind of thing, so note me if you want it, otherwise don't plan on trying to follow if you're not into that stuff and anything related e u e;;;

I'm quite active on main twitter, https://twitter.com/PetitePygmy (I generally I don't tweet very often anyways, so sometimes my tweets come in bursts some days, then I'm quiet again lol) Other than that, I usually post up art that goes there before anywhere and some art is just viewed there only.

Thanks for reading and again thank you to my new watchersss~! <3333

Hello + Twitters


14 December 2015 at 09:00:50 MST

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