Oh look, i'm alive by Sagorashi

First journal here and really nothing to say, other than that i'm still over here. My main base is still on dA so i pretty much only use Weasyl to post stuff and look messages, that's all. One reason why i'm slow putting stuff here is dA group i'm in which i focus on a lot, and those works is best to leave at dA.
But whatever non-group i manage to put up, appears here.

I may as well steal my friend's idea of a journal and tell bit about myself for those who are wat enough to stumble on my page. (Which no one is doing) Finland, Sagittarius, game and art addict, collects wolf related stuff and board games, has no life and fails socially. I'm currently not in school nor at job which is crazy, but i have plans. I also study Japanese, or at least try.
Oh, and i'm Pokémon addict as well. Didin't notice that yet?

Oh look, i'm alive


12 December 2015 at 09:33:56 MST

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    Plans. Now you've officially gotten started. (Because of what Weasyl does with tags, what you put there looks amusing, haha)

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      Officially started nothing! (Yes haha, small little puzzle to see can you make sensible sentence out of it)