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Conventions by RedCoatCat

First I’m headed to Vancoufur at table 6 under RedCoatCat in the dealers room.

I’ll be selling limited amount of commissions at this. I’ll probably be loitering in the lobby most of the time after the dealer’s room.

Then the next week I’m flying to the magical province of Ontario to attend Furnal Equinox where I am Guest Honour at alongside Rukis.

I’m running a panel of illustrating historical clothing. I’m still putting together what I’ll be talking about.

I’ll do a brief run down surfaces of support, basic drapery, silhouette of fashion and why understanding a wrinkled tube is more important than correct lace/buttons/etc.

It’s not very furry art related but I’ll keep dog-cat heads on the figures as much as I can so we can ruin all the work you put into research. :D

Brief lowdown

I’m a short 5’3(160cm), auburn haired female, seriously I have a photo on my account… Reality is kind of scary isn’t it?

I respond to my name Tamara my nickname Meezer, Ta-meezer, Redcoat or RedCoatCat.

Remember I can hear you on the other side of my dealers table.



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    I hope to attend your panel if I can. :D I look forward to possibly getting a chance to meet you. I'm short too (just under 5') so you'll get to feel tall around me. ;)

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      It's on friday at 3pm I think or around 3. :)

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        Oh darn, I'll miss it. :S I won't be getting there until later that day unfortunately. However, if you're free around 8pm on Friday I am running a meet and greet for women who are furs in the Spartan room.

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    Looking forward to hanging out with you again. :)

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    I cannot remember if

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    ...if you are going to AC?

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    Maybe when you get back in between we'll do a Coombs run :)

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    I really wanted to make it to furnal equinox but it looks like the government shutdown is going to seriously bite into my funds. Which sucks because I hate to miss an opportunity to pester you with questions and banter!

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      I always enjoy chatting with you, Furnal Equinox would be quite a long trip for you wouldn't it?

      Will you be AC again?

      BTW your commission from FC is drying so I shall be taking photos tomorrow, I really liked how it turned out :)

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        I will still be at AC, Was really looking forward to FE because furries in uniform seemed really like a cool time.

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    OMG YOURE A GIRL?!!?!?? XD LMAO ..I kid!

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