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Day of (No) Rest by r-a-blackpaws

Sunday, 2pm: tell local bestie and the fur who helps stress me out that I'm taking a "No Contact" day. Both acknowledge understanding.

Sunday, 8pm: stressor fur texts me telling me they are thinking of committing suicide AND I get a text from my mom saying my aunt's car has broken down and she's spending the night.

Monday 530pm: Aunt finally leaves after spending the majority of the day at our place.

Monday 1030pm: Go to bed in prep for class and long work day today.

So yeah, on a day I was trying to decompress and destress, I got less than four hours to actually relax and do things like work on my final exam and cleaning and things. I just did Guild Wars 2 for most of those four hours.

So, preemptive warning: NEXT TUESDAY I AM TRYING THIS AGAIN. Hopefully, it works out better than this one did (I have no class and no work that day, just the final due).

Day of (No) Rest


8 December 2015 at 05:38:55 MST

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    sorry to hear that it didnt go as it planned buddy. pats your back

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      flops Yeah. But I will try again next Tuesday. Hopefully, that one goes better. ^.^

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        i wish you the best of luck! not that youll need it ^^ i think itll be fine

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    Suuuuuuuuuuuck. :(
    Luck to you on round two.
    offers mug of cocoa and cookies for now

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      sips delicately Thanks. I hope round two goes better. ^.^

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    Sounds like you need a warm bath and some candles and such to sooth thyself :3

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      That would be so nice, as I can barely fit in my teeney tub. -.-

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        Need a big jacuzzi tub for two ^.^