Open for commissions [ETA: closed, thanks everyone!] by quaedam

ETA: Okay, I think seven is about as long a list as I can do for now, so I'd better close the list now -- thanks y'all!

Hi there, folks. I'm going to open for a few commissions. Probably just a few, maybe five, but I'll see.

(Just comment to this entry/Note me/e-mail me at

Prices are $30 for a single character + relatively simple background
(examples here: and here: )
$60 for two characters
(examples here: and here: )
$80 for three or more.
(example here: )

Payment via Paypal only. After I've closed commissions and made up a list of everyone's requests, I'll give each person a finish date by which to expect their completed piece.

If I get a request which I really don't think I'll be able to draw, or which I really wouldn't be comfortable drawing, I do reserve the right to turn requests down. But, chances are I'll be happy to do most requests I get.

  1. ahst
  2. hexa-gone
  3. NineThousandOnes
  4. hexa-gone
  5. uyudong
  6. Crysomandiaz
  7. harag

Open for commissions [ETA: closed, thanks everyone!]


8 December 2015 at 04:37:35 MST

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