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Commission Info by Vir-no-Vigoratus

For commissions, I charge an hourly rate of $25 per hour.

Standard Commissions
Want me to work for you for one hour? How about two hours? Here is what you can expect within that frame of time. In one hour I can get a nice line art done of your character. With a second hour I can add some coloring and shading to it.

Interested in three hours? With that extra hour I can spend more time doing smoother coloring and shading.

Commissions featuring multiple or complexly designed characters (wings, additional limbs, etc) and/or background elements will take longer to bring to a level of completion, so please keep that in mind when placing commissions. The hours don't necessarily need to be consecutive either. If you purchase only one hour, you can purchase additional hours sometime in the future if you wish.

Telegram Stickers
I am now offering Telegram Stickers! For bust-sized stickers (head and shoulders) I can complete them at a rate of three stickers per hour. I plan to also offer waist-up stickers which will take a bit more time to complete. I estimate I'll be able to produce two per hour. I'll have an example sheet for these available sometime in the near future, so keep an eye out. Sticker packs are also expandable! Which means new stickers can be added to an existing pack at any time!

As with standard commissions, stickers of a complexly designed character may take more time to produce, keep this in mind when placing commissions.

Would you like to watch me stream as I work on your commission? We can set up a streaming time on my Picarto channel so you can view the process and provide feedback as I'm working on your piece.

If you're interested then just send me a message, and we'll set up your slot. Please be prepared to provide payment info (I use PayPal) as well as references for any characters you want drawn, and have a general concept of what you want regarding posing, expressions, background elements, etc.

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