Looking for a new tablet by PheeBaDohDoh

Hey guys! So I'm thinking about getting myself a new tablet for Christmas. I've had my current laptop going on 8 years and its a really small one (5x7'')

It's been going to me all these years and I am still thankful to have a tablet, but I think it's about time for an upgrade. I want more professional gear and a bigger surface, since now my hand starts to cramp when I draw.

Now, I would love a cintiq, but alas I don't have 1000 bucks to drop on myself for Christmas. I would like maybe a smaller model that allows to be drawn like a screen, but I'm not sure of many tablet brands.

I'd like advice on good brands with bigger models then 5x7'' that work well on laptops? (I don't have a desktop, only my laptop). My limit is about $180-$250 ( i only have about $170 right now but I'm hoping to save some extra money from commissions)

So, I've found a tablet I want! It's out of my price range, but I'm hoping to save enough money before it goes off sale

I'm looking into getting this~: https://www.wacom.com/en-us/store/p.....tuos-pro-large

I just managed to get $200 in my paypal, so I just need $200 more. I'm trying to make a donate button as an option on my page for people who are willing to doante, but apparently on paypal you now need to make a separate account and upgrade in order to have a donate button??

Looking for a new tablet


3 December 2015 at 20:31:44 MST

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    I haven't heard of anything like that for paypal, but to be honest I don't use paypal very often @w@;; Maybe try the "buy me a coffee" button? http://www.ko-fi.com/

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      I know, I remember getting a donate button before. But now when I do, it brings me to a page saying I need to make a new business account with a new email (which is weird cause my account is a business account?) or upgrade mine (which Im assuming they mean the premium account that costs money)

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        huh... maybe you're in a technical loophole? Like you made your account before a certain time period when they made new rules to accounts???