Homecon Fall 2015 - Addressing Feedback by Tigerdile

We receive some pretty good feedback all year round and we would like to address some of if for you all. Hopefully this will make things a bit more clear! (Also keep in mind that feature feedback has been forwarded to the main staff! Not all may be feasible at this time but they are on our lists to be looked at!) Thank you to all who have sent in feedback. We thank you for taking the time to do that at any of the previous Homecon events as it helps us move forward with better content for you!

More Marketing/Publicity:
This has been brought up a few times and we would like to know what exactly you would like to see us doing. Do you have idea's or wants that we aren't addressing in this area? Things that you think would make more of an impact for you?
Currently, we do the following:

Advert on all our social media/galleries about Tigerdile run events, contests, raffles, deadlines, dates, etc!

-RT all incoming Tigerdile/stream/Homecon related tweets all year round.
-30 minute notices for upcoming panels to remind people of them.
-Daily panel schedule, reminder of raffle/merch.
-Links to the Homecon page where the main schedule and info is.
-(all year round) Reminders/ads about panels and Tigerdile run contest/raffles .

-Fave (reblog for tumblr) all incoming Homecon related posts all year round. So that everyone can see who is participating in Homecon on our gallery pages. (We also fave any fan pictures of the 'dile. He may be a little vain.)
-Daily panel schedule, reminder of raffle/merch.
-Links to the Homecon page where the main schedule and info is.
-(all year round) Reminders/ads about panels and Tigerdile run contest/raffles .

Tigerdile/Homecon Site:
-Updates on Tigerdile homepage for all Tigerdilians to see.
-Give artists/streamers the ability to edit the content on their stream page to advert about their panels/com info so that they can advert their wares before hand on Tigerdile.
-Links to the Homecon page where the main schedule and info is.
-(all year round) Reminders/ads about panels and Tigerdile run contest/raffles .

Other Site Ads:
-Tigerdile ads with other sites to try and push awareness of the site and its events.
-Offer a themed banner ad that anyone can copy/paste the code to advert on their own sites

Our goal is to allow all of the artists to advertise their content in a way that is meaningful to them and we do our best to make sure that is visible on our galleries and shown off on our social media. We search for Homecon content well in advance of the event and in the weeks before, we search every day for new content to fave or reblog so that we can show off your information in the way you have it presented. If your content is not tagged with “Homecon” or “Tigerdile” (or other variations of these) it makes it incredibly hard to find and we may miss it.

Not enough Panels/Not enough Variety/Overlapping panel times:
Homecon is a fairly small event and those who are willing to volunteer their time are far and few between. Those who do, we are eternally grateful for! Panels are what each individual artists wants to do and done when they can do it. It is not something we have control over other then to ensure that the panels are information based and that we have enough content to put on the calendar for each panel. (title, description, content rating, stream link.)

If you would like to see other kinds of content, why not ask a friend who does that kind of content, if they would be interested in running a panel? (Please for the love of the 'dile, don't harass anyone about doing a panel!) Panelists are hard to find even for conventions that are not held online. Not everyone feels comfortable or has time to do public speaking let alone organizing a lesson plan, bring needed supplies for said plan and being able to keep to their agreed time slot, etc! SO, if you want other content, spread the word! The more people who know about Homecon, the bigger chance we have at more people being comfortable hosting a panel. Sometimes encouraging or showing confidence in someone can do a lot, but if they aren't comfortable, leave them be about it!

We have received feedback that it was difficult to find the panel calendar, and an improvement we want to make to the next Home Con is to put the site in "HomeCon Mode" where we will be able to have themed headers and also add calendar/scheduling notifications to the stream list page. This should make the panels a more prominent feature in the next HomeCon.

Not able to find discounts or free things in artists streams:
Artists, weather they are hobby artists or in it as a business, deserve a living wage and are by no means required to discount their services during the event. Many artists do not give discounts at physical conventions as they are providing a service that is essentially a “rush order”, to be done by the end of the day/event. No business, in our outside of Homecon, is required to provide a discount or volunteer their services for free. You are paying for a honed skill and the time/supplies from the artist. If they decide to do something at a discount, offering cheaper kinds of commissions or host a raffle, then that is their own choice. Keep an eye out on our galleries and whatnot as we favorite/reblog any posted Homecon ads that we can find before and during Homecon. You may find something of interest, as there were cheaper commissions being offered and raffles this year, from different artists.

Flier/Ads for Homecon:
The reason we did not offer a flier this year was because the previous Homecon (and feedback we received about it and the fliers), people started ignoring the ads because it was the same image, over and over in their inbox. This lost the interest of many, which caused artists and attendees alike seeing a lack of variety overall. This event is available because there are artists and attendees who partake. When there is a huge imbalance of either, it makes it hard to keep it fun and interesting for all.

We did however, have some banner ads that you could put up on your own site or advert with about the general Homecon event! (We hope to have the Spring Homecon ad out much earlier!)

It helps the artists get more interest in their panels or streams if they create their own ad, with their own unique flare! We hope to have some Tigerdile and Homecon related elements to offer in a general download-able pack for people to be able to accentuate their own ads with Tigerdile graphics BUT in the end it will still be their own way of putting it together and thus not looking like the same image is getting submitted in a million places online, which will prevent people from just seeing the same thing and note caring about it. Individual flare is important! (The previous flier artists did amazing jobs with theirs and we were greatly saddened that we started to see complaints and lack of interest for the event with the same image being posted. It may not stay this way forever but for now, this seemed to bring more peoples attention and our first duty is to the artists and attendees and making it an enjoyable and full event!)

Staff Availability/Interaction:
We do our darnedest to interact with streamers and try to greet newcomers and visit streams. Tigerdile is for artists, by artists and we want to promote you and make you feel welcomed in our little community! Many of us have day jobs and/or our own businesses to manage as well as volunteering time to Tigerdile to keep it running and moderated. We are a small group of staff and Homecon is run by only a portion of that small staff. We cannot be everywhere at once and our first priority is to address and handle stream problems and trouble tickets. If you are having an issue in your stream, please feel free to contact us but please do not expect us to be able to sit through and moderate your stream for you. You have the ability to add friends as mods in your settings for a reason! Everyone has different sets of rules for their stream which staff may not be familiar with, so, as long as they are running within Tigerdile's rules, you are golden! Promote your trusted friends to help you mod while you art!

Theme and Merch:
Everyone has contesting views about weather we should have it or not, seeing as we are an online event. The overwhelming response is yes to both and neither of the things can hurt. Merch is made on demand and is available to any who are interested, even after the event! It also gives the opportunity to spotlight an artist for their valiant efforts and dedication to Tigerdile! It gives more inclusion to the event then just streaming, just like the panels. The theme is just to give people something to do if they don't know what to offer for the weekend. Just like physical conventions, no artist or attendee is bound by some law to only sell/buy/draw things related to the theme. People will take it or leave it. It simply gives everyone something fun to do if they wish! We have a huge list of themes (keep em coming! Send us a form! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16K.....wIqM/viewform) that people are interested in and not every theme will interest all, just like any other themed event.

Tigerdile bags/keychains/tadpoles: http://store.tanabi.com/
Our Zazzle store: http://www.zazzle.com/tigerdile+gifts (migrating over to http://www.zazzle.com/tigerdile_swag in the future but all old items are at the first link!)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tigerdile

How to Homecon: Its up to you!
We have had some users and artists express confusion over what is expected from Homecon and the simple answer is: That is up to you! Every artists runs their particular stream and event differently. Some people offer commission slots before the event, some take them in stream and some do both or none at all! As an artist, you have the choice on what you are comfortable with doing. There will most likely be people interested in commissioning you during your stream but if you want to take some before hand or not take commissions at all, that is entirely up to you. The best thing you can do, is to make it clear to your fans what you are offering, when you are doing them and how you are taking them. An image submission with the basic information (and then any extra info in the description) helps a lot AND if you tag it with #Homecon (or #Tigerdile) we can fave/reblog it from our sites (if you post there) and make sure that people can see it! We want to advertise for you as much as we possibly can so the more stuff you put up for us to fave/reblog, the more we can tell people about you!
You can find us and post to Furrafinity | DeviantArt | Weasyl | Twitter | Tumblr

*Please note that if you use a variation of tigerdile or homecon (tiger-dile / home-con, etc) we may not find it!

Homecon Fall 2015 - Addressing Feedback


2 December 2015 at 18:12:33 MST

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    I hadn't even considered that the fliers from last time were causing distinct disinterest due to repetition. Now that you say it, it does seem fairly obvious, yeah.

    Putting the website into "Homecon" mode sounds like an amazing idea! I think that will help people get into the convention spirit quite a bit, and it sounds like it will be easier to find con information, too.

    Thanks for a lovely event overall, and I greatly look forward to the next.