Tablet Issues Taking Commissions for a New One URGENT by StripedButt

Hey guys,
I'm with some problems these last weeks with my tablet. Some days it stops to works the whole day, another days it simple back to normal. Some days only the pen get totally crazy glitching out and back to normal fell hours later. In the beginning it seems to be the drivers and made every single and possible stuff to solve the problem it used to solve the first hours of the problems but everything started again. Now nothing more solve when it starts... I just need to wait to it back again.

I'm really sure that my tablet itself is dying so I'm opening commissions to save some money to buy a new tablet before I get unable to draw forever. If it stop to work definitively before I get any money I'll get unable to buy a new tablet because the recent bills and my countries problems making everything more and more expensive. My plan is pay the lasts bills and take a lending to buy a new tablet. To pay the rest of bills I need to save $150

I'm offering drawings like that:
With or without BGs you choice, for $30 and for every extra character for more $15. I wanted to make it more cheap actually but I hope that you understand that is a emergency since that I live only with the money that I get with commissions.

Please if you can't help me commissioning share with your watches and your friends. Thanks for the attention...

Tablet Issues Taking Commissions for a New One URGENT


2 December 2015 at 13:47:24 MST

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