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Hello everyone,

I feel that doing commissions has been holding me back from working on my graphic novel, Decisive Desire. I dedicate almost all my free-time to working on commissions when I'm not doing my other daily things.

So whatever commissions I am working on now, I'll finish. I hope to get them done before December. But starting December, I'm planning on starting the graphic novel series. I think depending on how well it goes and how much support I get and depending when I get my computer and etc I'll be working on a traditional (pencil) rough draft of the pages and etc to move forward I feel like I've waited long enough and I know some people have been waiting with me to see this to get it started.

I have some plans too for ideas with Patreon especially when I get a computer and move to digital like for example those of you who support me will get early access to pages. Whereas those who don't get it a week or two later, I haven't decided when yet. And then patreon supporters will have another fun thing added to the $5+ tier where when I want to design a new character or monster, be it normal or boss that we can work together to bring one to life, something fun like that.

I have alot of ideas and I know I want to be able to stream art in the future too, I'm a shy fellow but I'm trying to work up my courage to speak up more.

Don't be afraid to ask questions, I'm always open for discussions and ideas that can help me out and push out stuff for your viewing pleasure. Also you can find my patreon here if you like to support Decisive Desire.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend everyone.

Decisive Desire,
Steven Holland

Moving Forward


25 November 2015 at 19:32:38 MST

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