A Small Break in Our Signal / December Highlights by socalfurs

Holidays are upon us.  In just 2 days, many of us will be visiting family (blood or otherwise) and feasting on turkey, ham, and other tasty and traditional treats. For us, 2015 has us celebrating Thanksgiving somewhere different... by taking a trip to New York City.

While the holidays have never affected this website in previous years, we find ourselves likely without a way to check mail and messages too much.  It will be a week of no computers and visiting with family and friends from "the other coast" (we mean that in total tongue-in-cheek humor).  For now, you can check out some of these upcoming events...

  • December 5th: Riverside Ponies, Furries and Gamers Under the Lights - Celebrate the holidays under the holiday lights.  This annual event can be a lot of fun and fursuits are encouraged.

  • December 11th: Ani-Mato's December Meet! - Last month was alot of fun.  Time to take it to the beach...Newport Beach that is.  Enjoy the afternoon/evening at Balboa Fun Zone.

  • December 19th: Rose Bowl Furmeet (RBFM) - Hang out and relax at Brookside Park. Share food and fun with other furs at this potluck event. You can check this event out every third Saturday of the month.
Apologies in advance for anyone who might have wanted to announce their events happening this weekend but we just wont be able top process new event submissions.  You are welcome to submit anything for the last half of December (end of year) and we will get that posted ASAP.  For those who follow us over on Twitter, you can always send us an @ request and we may be able to RT important events, at the very least.

A Small Break in Our Signal / December Highlights


24 November 2015 at 18:54:19 MST

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