Attention Watchers: CONCERNING ALL OF YOU! by Uluri

Dear Watchers,
I want you all to know a few important things. Firstly, I want to make sure
you guys are all safe. Recently, I found that someone on one of my many submissions was Harassing not only one of my dear watchers, but also a random by standard who commented as well. I had no idea since I don't get notifications between two other people even if it is on my submission. If someone is harassing you on anything of mine, LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY! And if someone is Harassing you, REPORT THEM!

You guys are very important to me. You are like a whole bunch of people who decided to make a little village in Uluriland, and it makes me so happy. I don't want to see you guys troubled. Please talk to me.


Attention Watchers: CONCERNING ALL OF YOU!


24 November 2015 at 06:07:39 MST

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    do i need to bite someone? i will give them exactly 1 rabie

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      XD ahaaha, No no, I've got this one handled. Hopefully it'll be all dealt with in within a week or two.
      Just a notice for all other watchers iin case something like this ever happens again.

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        oh, okay good, cause that's the only rabie i have. i named it frank. X3

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    Did this happen here on Weasyl?

    If you could send a note to myself or any of the other staff members we will do out best to help you out.

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      This is already taken care of, and nah, not weasyl.

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        Just a notice to any of my watchers if this ever happens again

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        Good to hear. If it ever does just let us know :)

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    You're so kind Uluri!