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Spring Fur Fest by Miliki

There is a spring fur fest coming up here in Arizona ( I hope to go but I need to convince a D&D player to hold off on game that weekend (since it happens to fall on a D&D weekend). I know I can give one of the other players so RP and she will be sated. D&D is a special fun time for our group. But I am sure gathering with some other furs would be some fun too! That and I would love to play some frisbee again. So funny to watch the guys cringe and duck when I throw it. I noticed all the girls threw really hard and accurately XD

Just so everyone knows, I may be going but it is still not a sure thing. :3

Also! Super excited to see that they will be trying to do a fur con again this year. Hopefully if they start doing adverts maybe of it this year, we can actually get enough reserves to get it to not get cancelled this time. And if it doesn't get cancelled, I will definitely be going to the fur con here in Arizona this year! (

Spring Fur Fest


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