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Cartoons are the same thing of the 2010's decade in this generation, including music genres.


Cartoon Network first started it with Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Gumball which are great shows, than more shows coming out with the same style, and Nickelodeon and Disney is following it, all theses shows are not bad, their good.

Black eyes, rounded teeth, and body shapes are good examples when you watch these shows, Chowder, Flapjack, and Total Drama is not related to these new shows, only one new show that's not the same is Pig, Goat, Banana, And Cricket, I like that show, nothing wrong with it, it's different.

3D Animations

Since Toy Story change history with 3D Animation in 1995, there's so many kids shows out there like Paw Patrol, Wallykazam, Blaze, Doc McStuffings, and Sofia The First, etc, and so on, most of them are educational shows, but where's the Teens and Adults shows in 3D Animation at? But it's a great thing that we have 3D in video games, which is even better.


Mostly Hip-Hop and Rap music change into Trap music got me skip these songs and changed the radio station when nothing is absolutely good on because it's garbage and trash.

The lack of lyrics which is waste of song writing and try to rap fast, example.

Ba-Di-Ba, Ba-Di-Ba, Ba-Di-Ba, Ba-Di-Ba.

Terrible and awful instrumentals using tramples multiple times and the beats, example.


New young black thug rappers coming out, they have no good music, they copying each other, they copying one another.

Pop music is now mixed with techno, I liked it.

Dubstep, I don't even listen it that.

Dance moves they be making is wasted and lacking.

Kids these days born in the 2000's and 2010's loved these kind of stuff, by the way, they don't know nothing about the 2000's, 1990's 1980's and below in our generations, or they do.

The only thing I loved about this generation of 2010's is the technologies and electronics, it got even better, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad changed history with touch screens, and also video game consoles and handhelds have lots of features, and video games.

There's no flying cars yet, but there's drones and electric balance boards.

Electric balance boards is not hoverboards, hoverboards don't have wheels, it's a board that flys.

I wonder what the 2020's decades will be like and so on? We'll see and find out.

This Generation


18 November 2015 at 17:35:03 MST

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