About My Commissions by Inkblot

i just want to say that i really appreciate any commissions i get. i don't really have an IRL job atm, so commissions are my only source of income right now. the money i get from commissions i use towards things like games or items that i really want, or even commissioning other artist. ever dollar i get from commissions goes to something important to me, so i really do care for every one i get. it really brings joy to me when i see someone who is interested in commissioning me, and i try my best to put in as much effort as i can to make something that person will love.

so for those who have commissioned me, i thank you. and for those that are thinking about doing so, i eagerly await the day you decide to do so. my commissions are always open for these reasons, and i can't say enough that i really do appreciate each and every one i get.

so with that, i say again, thank you.

About My Commissions


12 November 2015 at 06:15:00 MST

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