Last round of 10$ sketch commissions this year! by Reisfuchs

Hey dear followers and bypassers!

This is the last time I'm gonna do sketch commissions for 10$ and this year. From next year on I think it's okay to raise the price to 15$. I put a good few hours into the and I think my style and skills have advanced a lot the past year.


5 Slots:
1. Gregory
2. Wolfwithglasses
3. - 5. Vera

  • Not first come first serve
  • SFW onlyPrice per character, 2 characters max
  • After you sent me the necessary information (references, pose etc.), I will do a preliminary sketch (very rough!). You tell me anything that needs to be changed.
  • If you are happy with the prelim, you send the payment to
  • I finish the sketch, scan it and upload it to facebook and Weasyl. If you need a high res, I can e-mail it to you.

Last round of 10$ sketch commissions this year!


8 November 2015 at 15:52:18 MST

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    Hey Fuchsi :)
    Ich möchte auch gern einen Slot haben ^^

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      Na gern doch ^^ Schick mir ne PN mit den Details :) Und erzähl auch gleich mal was es so neues gibt ;)

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    I think I'm gonna need to get one or three of these if that's allowed. ;u;

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      Haha, if you actually want the rest of the spots - I'm in xD I love pretty much all of your characters!
      Send me a message with what you want and tell me how many spots I should put you down for.
      Dang, I'm excited to work for you <3

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    any chance you're still open for these...?

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      Since Vera only took two of the three spots I put her down for, I could actually squeeze you in ;) You can message me with the info ^^