Sketches Compilation Interest? by Idess

So for years I've been scanning and saving tons of my sketches; sketches of commissions, sketches in sketchbooks, and sketches I've sold at conventions that have never been shown online before. I've accumulated over 150 of these sketches and have a plan to put them together in a sort of compilation pack for people to buy and enjoy! I've already come up with a name for it and would make a "cover" as well no matter the format...

But I'm not sure what type of format would be best and what people would prefer!
I can make it a digital download, so put it on a site and people can download the entire pack for a cheap price.
Or I can do it old-school and put it on CD's to sell at conventions
Or I can try to work with a publishing company and get it published as a physical book!

My personal favorite would be a book (because seeing my art in print makes me squee) but I don't know how well that would sell and if people would be interested in that.

So POLL TIME! Which of these (or other??) options would you be interested in? Would you be interested in purchasing this compilation of 150+ sketches (many never posted online) at all?
Please give your thoughts! I'd love some feedback!

Sketches Compilation Interest?


5 November 2015 at 09:48:23 MST

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    Maybe because I'm older and collect artbooks--I'd love to see a book (and own) from you too. One of my pen-pals self-published and sold her comic, which I was able to buy on there is the ability to get it sold on such large media outlet. :)

    But knowing the way most people are today, digital medium might be the best outlet in this modern society. :)

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      Aw thank you! Great to know n.n The only issue with digital is the pirating aspect. I think more people than you realize like the feel of a real solid book hehe (myself included!)

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        True! XD But people can pirate from print source as well (by having a scanner). chuckle

        I also think that if you are able to do a book, it'll be nice to try and sell at conventions too...I know I always walk away from any convention I go to with at least 2 artbooks! :D

        You're very welcome! :)

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    I might be old-school but I would love to see a book. Your artwork is topnotch and being able to have a book full of your sketches, I think would be awesome.

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      Thank you so much! I would love to do a book if possible and so far I've seen a lot of people saying so, too :D

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    Digital is probably the easier and more convenient option for both you and your fans, but if you set it up right, it (probably) wouldn't be too much more work to turn it into dead trees for those who want to pay for it. Best of both worlds, and you could do things like add the digital copy for free with the paper version. That said, I don't know how print-on-demand or small publishing would work for sketches.

    However it pans out, your art is definitely worth the effort to book-ify! :D

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      Thank you! That's a really neat idea, to offer both/packaged deal.
      I know that Goldenwolf has so far made two volumes of books just of her sketches, but yea it's not as popular as, say, a full art book! But all my finished art gets posted online so I don't know about making a normal "art of Idess" book haha. I don't feel my art is that... special? XD But I just have so many sketches I'd love to share them!
      Thank you so much for your reply!

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        You're welcome! And, your art is more special than you think! I was discussing this yesterday with a couple creative friends—we're far too critical of our own work, and that can leave us blinded to the magic our fans and followers enjoy. Go for it. :)

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    I would absolutely buy a book from you! I adore your work so so much!

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      Thank you so much! That's great to hear :D