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You Guys Still Out There? by cooley

Hi guys, I've been gone a bit b/c I pretty much had to drop everything and job hunt after getting laid off late this summer. The good news is I have a job now, the bad news is I have fallen behind on my art again. I've uploaded new sketches for a project that has me tied up right now. There should be more each week, as I continue to work on the book illustrations :)

If you have art I missed and you'd like to share/receive feedback on - leave a link in the comments! It may take a bit of time to get back to you, but I guarantee I'll look and comment eventually :D

You Guys Still Out There?


1 November 2015 at 18:49:57 MST

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    Congrats on the new job! =)

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    Yay for new job, and especially yay for new art job! :D Glad to see you back and hope you're doing better.

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    Glad to hear you are getting back in the swing of things!

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    Welcome back!

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    Grats on the work G, I know it's a real pain and complete downer when out of work and looking as hard as you can. hugs Feel free to Skype me or drop a message on Xbox if you can!

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    You a PM again? Congrats on finding something.

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    Contrats on the new job, hope it is going well and you are happy with it.

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    Congratulations on the new job!

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    I am really, really late on this, but congrats on the new job.