Open for commissions! by Maquenda

I'm open for 3 commissions slots.

you can choose between two types:
1 character for 130$ USD
2 characters for 200$ USD

With these commissions I will have artistic freedom so I can experiment with backgrounds and ideas. It will most likely NOT be adult work, only tasteful nudity.
Here are some examples of how it might look like. Style varies a bit as I like to experiment with textures etc:

So if you want a slot, you only have to give me your character sheet and you can give me some themes/ideas and/or characteristics of your character if you like and I'll combine them in the painting! I can show you a sketch if highly desired, but it's very rough and I work faster otherwise.

Payment must be made upfrontand through Paypal only!

Comment here if you're interested and note me afterwards if you grabbed a slot.

Slot 1 : :Svarta-perlan
Slot 2 :
Slot 3 :

Open for commissions!


1 November 2015 at 17:35:35 MST

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    Hey Maquenda! I have a Valentine's commission proposal for my partner and I. Are you available for commission? I realise this is an old entry. Thanks! ^^

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      I am open indeed! I can finish it before Valentine's day =D You can note me!

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        Thanks Maquenda! I'll send you a note now. ^^