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cause and effect by NIXSMIS

hello people of Weasyl,

not so start off on a bad note for those who just recently started watching me, but....

i currently have multiple notes sitting in my inbox right now warning me of separate cases of character/art theft. now, i've had a really bad week and am dealing with some shit in my life, so i'm not really in a decent state to deal with this, and frankly, i'm sick of it. so this is your warning of "horrible watermarks". i'll be making a new one soonish if i can, and they'll be bolder on pictures so the links on them can be seen clearly. so even if my signature is removed, they're there. all bright and bold and obnoxious and shitty. why? because i'm a possessive, protective bitch. yup. what's mine is mine, and if it's taken, i'm going to do something about it. there are these laws, and a ton of people don't seem to care about them. but they're still laws and they still apply. it's still all kinds of illegal.

so this is what's happening.

you can get unwatermarked art from me if you commission it. that will get you a small watermarked version to post, and a large unwatermarked version for personal use. personal use ONLY. there is no posting of the large version anywhere, and if i find out it's posted, it'll be removed. that's it.

this counts for my characters, too, whether or not i drew any specific picture. i can be identified with them, and vice versa, and i don't need them being stolen and that being confused.

if anyone has a problem with this (i'm sure a lot of you do, and i'm sorry to those who've done nothing wrong), you can turn and point fingers at your fellow users. don't whine at me.

all of this is really hurtful and offensive and disrespectful. it is NOT a compliment or flattery or whathaveyou, and if you think like that, you're wrong. end of story. it's not right. people need to learn respect. y'all need to check your privilege. cuz you don't have this one.

angry Nix

[[NOTE: as i've said before, though, things like e621/image forums are the exception this, AS LONG AS THEY'RE LINKED/SOURCED BACK TO ME]]

[[NOTE 2: oh. and if you start drama and whining on here, you'll see your comments removed. this is my choice. i'm just informing you all]]

cause and effect


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    Art thieves are the scum of the earth. Sorry you've gotten a lot of it. 8(

    Do what ya gotta do to keep what's yours!

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    Make 'em big and obnoxious and glorious!

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    Well, can't say I blame you. Gotta protect your work, no matter what.

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    You COULD also embed text documents into the images also. It's silly, but it's a clever way on how to bypass firewalls... but in a more clever use, could also be used to 'data watermark' your work... though I think file resizing causes it to be lost.

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    ffffffffffff i'm so sorry that's happened to you nix! D: I guess I should watermark stuff soon D: I have no clue how but I don't want my character or arts taken too D:

    I hope this solves the problem ((tho I think people will post your stuff regardless)) it's not right and people should take the time to learn how to draw instead of stealing others artwork for their own! D: