*Earned my Wings of Gold* by TwilightSaint


It is official.

This afternoon, 28OCT2015, I successfully completed my final check ride as a student and am the latest Winged Naval Aviator on the block, earning my Wings of Gold. The wings are still so shiny, so chrome gold. They shimmer elegantly when the evening sun hits them just right.

I would be remiss not to say I'm a combination of extremely proud, relieved, and beyond happy - on airs, literally. It's been a long road to get here - a good two years, which is standard in the Navy. To look back on the things I've learned and done in the skies is pretty staggering, notwithstanding the new roads that have opened up and the future missions that I'll play an integral role in leading. Especially now, looking back, it becomes evident that all my training to this point has been training me to someday take a position of command, which, looking ahead from where I stand now, is humbling and exhilarating.

And a quick thanks here to all the folks on here and other art sites who have followed my frequent updates throughout this process. I know I may have been cryptic at times as to what I actually do, and for reason, but just getting to this point is a huge deal, and the support and encouragement along the way has been beyond appreciated, I hope everyone knows that!

Don't think that, now that I'm Winged, art and my online updates will slow - that is faaar from happening, ever! Y'all know by now how well I can balance my military career with my art, and trust me, that will not be changing even slightly anytime soon, if ever! B)

And I'll still be giving updates about my career - Winging is definitely the apex, but it's just opened up dozens, /hundreds/ of doors for me and my future missions. I'll definitely be travelling to some awesome places and seeing amazing things, as well as playing a part in national security, protecting forward forces, and taking hand in humanitarian relief as well. Lots of exciting things, and I won't be keeping it all in the dark, that's for sure!

I'm sure that these new amazing experiences will be epic inspiration for future pieces - one thing I am definitely looking forward to doing is personal art that expresses these and also even some missions. Nothing like cruising over the open ocean, surrounded by the blue water below and the blue sky above. It's rather epic - a golden dragon, with real-deal Golden Wings - life at altitude.

Thanks again, to all folks who have followed my journey thus far and continuing. <3

As always, questions, comments, concerns? Comment here or Note me. (Art-focused Weekly Update Journal incoming for this weekend - standby for that Journal for current art queue status and upcoming Commission openings, as always.)

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

*Earned my Wings of Gold*


28 October 2015 at 19:07:53 MDT

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    THAT is so cool! Congratulations, Aviator! I salute you for your perseverence!

    • Tycho (USAF, 1986 - 1991)
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      Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! And thank you, too, for your service! That's rad.

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    Congrats! I'm really happy for you

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    Woo! Good job!

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    congrats buddy. know how hard ya were working on this from back when we first worked together :D

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    Many congratulations. It's wonderful watching your career advance. I brag on you too friends.