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Haven't read "Transmission Lost" yet? Here's your chance! by capthavoc123

What a rainy night outside. Days are getting colder, too. Wouldn't you just like to curl up, maybe under a blanket or in front of a nice roaring fire, and read a good book? I know I would.

"But what book can I read?" you might be asking yourself right now. Well, hypothetical indecisive person, I have that answer you're searching for.

You could read an epic tale of sci-fi action, friendship, romance, political intrigue, and conspiracy! A story that shows what happens when enemies cooperate out of necessity, and how the galaxy can be a dangerous place when you're millions of miles from home! A story that offers tears, laughs, adrenaline, and surprises!

"Wow, where could I get a book like that!?" you might be asking, now. You sure have a lot of questions. But I'll go ahead and show you!

Available here:

And here:

And here, for you wacky Canadians:

But hey, for any of you not in the US or Canada, it's also available on Amazon no matter where you live! So give it a read, and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Haven't read "Transmission Lost" yet? Here's your chance!


27 October 2015 at 22:30:30 MDT

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