SoCalFurs' Halloween Event Round-Up by socalfurs

Kat here, checking in with some highlights of our upcoming events.  Looks like this year, the Halloween events got planned (or at least submitted to us) just a bit later than usual. Updating this site alongside my new full-time job probably hasnt helped either but I really am glad I have the chance to make this post.

For some of our SoCalFurs, it was decided to have events the weekend before Halloween.  Just last Saturday, Ani-Mato kicked off the season with the first event (that we knew about) -- the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Irvine Regional Park (place of the SoCalFurs FurBQ...and our upcoming Fall Event). While it had a slow start, the event picked up and was well attended. She tells us that she may create another fun event for us in December.

With this next weekend being "The Week" for Halloween fun, check out the rest of the Halloween hijinks planned in Southern California:

  • Halloween at the Escondido Renaissance Faire (Escondido, CA) - This year, the Escondido Ren Faire falls on Halloween weekend.  Spookiness is afoot amongst knights and lords.  Join San Diego furries in the Middle Ages!

  • West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval - Massive of Mayhem!  Part of SoCalFurs mainstay Halloween events, this is the time to become our own group of crazy critters.  Take on the energetic crowds and bring fursuiting to the streets of WeHo.

  • Halloween Bonfire (Adelanto, CA) - Lets make this a Halloween weekend!  TheHuntingWolf has planned a bonfire, complete with scary movies on the big projection. This is also a campout event so feel free to bring your tent and stay the night.

SoCalFurs' Halloween Event Round-Up


27 October 2015 at 07:08:53 MDT

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