Rant on Halo 5 (spoiler warning) by savageshark

Just a quick warning <Spoilers on Halo 4 & 5 here

Back when X Box was just starting out. Back before when it was as big as a VCR and had the whole black and green interface look, I was and still am a huge hardcore Halo fan.

I love head shots on the Grunts, beating down the Elites, hand shot the Jackles just before a pop in the beak and getting a Hunter kill from behind.

I read the books and love the stories. I still watch the Red vs Blue series with nostalgia gittyness.

For me though, the fun ended with Halo Reach. I felt the story was ready to end. Usually the bets stories are those that remain a mystery for the reader. More so if you keep the true identity of the Master Chief a secret. He doesn't need a face, he has one. His armor.

When Halo 4 came out. I was meh about it. Then I saw the ending and thought: "Oh man, that is some serious Shakespear-esq tragedy there. Right up to the visuals of Spartan 117s world, literally, crumbling all around him.

Then I started watching the cutscenes for Halo 5.

It's cool too see the visuals, the characters and the plot. I love seeing Buck from Halo: ODST as a Spartan now. Not too mention Arbiter uniting his home world.

But what I cannot stand are the anime style robots suddenly appearing. Seriously, when did Halo start turning into a mix of Noe-Genesis with anime mech sci fi cliche? I liked it SO much more when the greatest enemy you faced was the Flood parasite and the zombie horde that it brought.

But now we got Fore Runners coming back.
Unearthed Guardians that look like a reject from Neo Genesis
And Cortana going all "Big Brother" Psycho.
And what happened to the two keys from Halo 4? The ones that Dr. Halsey received from the Librarian. What happened to THAT arc?

More so, when did Halo start taking on Mini Boss battles?

Rant on Halo 5 (spoiler warning)


26 October 2015 at 22:51:37 MDT

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    Hmm, good thing I was only going to watch the story of Halo 5.
    I hear the multiplayer is very promising, which is what they mostly want to cater to, it seems.