New Goals by Lizardlicks

Updated the Patreon with a bunch of new goals today. Future items include but will not be limited to: mugs, charms, totes and t-shirts! I’m also going to get started on that calendar idea as soon as we get back from cousin’s wedding at the end of the month, so hopefully I’ll have those up in the shop by mid November- just in time for Holiday gifts!

Lastly, patrons are almost finished voting in the new designs for this month, so we’re going to have a new morph for one of the existing species, and a new species up in the shop soon. These will be added as both stickers and buttons, and more of the old designs will be released as buttons as well. I’m thinking I can do two old design buttons along with two new design buttons every month until we’re caught up.

If you want to see all this new stuff get added sooner of course, now would be a great time to sign up for the Patreon. There are two new pledge levels with alternate rewards, so new and old patrons should check those out. We have less than a week left in the month of October, so get on board today and get your awesome in the mail!


New Goals


25 October 2015 at 12:57:09 MDT

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