Fursuiter Fighting Social Anxiety and PTSD With His Passion by Cyan Glaciertooth

Last Friday, I was in Manchester, NH, seeing a hockey game. Over an hour before the doors to the arena opened, I came across these two fans at the entrance. One of those two fans was a fursuiter! The fursuiter goes to Manchester Monarchs games in fursuit. His character is a fan-made mascot for the Monarchs, a lion cub named "Roar". His character was, of course, inspired by the Monarchs' official mascot, "Max".

I recently read his story on how his fursuit performing helps him with his social anxiety and PTSD. He says that performing under a different identity has helped him conquer his anxiety.

"I, like many others, suffer from debilitating social anxiety and PTSD. Social anxiety is a condition that many people do not and cannot understand...

"This and my PTSD are thought to be due to a combination of military service and constant bullying. I have been working with doctors for years to battle these issues with very little results...

"In 2008 I joined the 501st Legion and became a costumed character for charity events. I soon learned that the anxiety that I felt after the Army faded while in costume and the old charisma I once had returned when I was anonymous...

"Hockey games presented a unique challenge for me. As a season ticket holder, I had a very hard time attending Monarchs games due to social anxiety...

"After years of costuming in public situations I learned that many of my issues vanished while in character. To battle my anxiety, enjoy the Monarchs games and bring a little more excitement to the arena, the idea of Roar was created.


After reading his story, I was really saddened to learn how he had to deal with his social anxiety and PTSD. But I was also glad he found a way to conquer his anxiety and PTSD by peforming as his fan-made mascot for the Monarchs. And not only does being Roar help himself, but he's also spreading joy to others! It's a pretty inspirational story, one that I thought I'd have to share to our fandom.

Fursuiter Fighting Social Anxiety and PTSD With His Passion

Cyan Glaciertooth

20 October 2015 at 18:31:26 MDT

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    I'm dealing with the effects lately of years of untreated generalized anxiety, but finally I am seeking help from my therapist next time I go there next week.

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      I've been seeing a psychiatrist monthly for almost a decade. It's mainly to treat bi-polar disorder and suspected PTSD. He's been very helpful over the years when seeing him.