OPEN for yarn tail commissions by Skahlly

1. StangWolf FA
2. Shadowtiger18 FA

So even after making three tails from my pictured stash... it still looks about the same! Mostly just minus some gray, but there is STILL gray left!

I still have tons of yarn, and can make an incredible variety of tails, all high quality and beautifully blended!

I also have a vast array of guard hair colors to accent these tails.

I worry that my image of the yarn itself that I initially advertised with may be misleading--that is actually a pretty immense variety and quantity of yarn for tailmaking! Additionally, I am okay with having to pick up a skein or two of a color for your tail if I don't have it on hand--I mostly just don't want to have to buy, say, a whole range of browns or a whole range of bright neon oranges or something to create a tail that I don't really have ANY of the materials for. I've already bought multiple skeins of white because it's such a common tip color, for example.

I just completed the last slot that I had taken on last month, so, I'm ready to take on a few more! I'm happy to provide quotes and/or let you know if I can make a tail for you based on what I've got.

I'd say first two slots could probably be guaranteed to be done by Christmas, say if you wanted to get a gift or something. First one could be done by MFF, and could even be personally delivered at-con if desired.

Will take up to 4 slots at this time, I think, and re-assess the potential for further commissions after.

Please Note/comment if interested! Thanks for reading!

OPEN for yarn tail commissions


18 October 2015 at 15:52:58 MDT

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