Harkening to a Deathly Past by Viciviser

Perfectly appropriate for this coming holiday, I am planning to work on (and rework) some monstrously macabre deathly devils of mine. In so doing, I've decided to upload some older art of mine to show some of my previous work on them for reference.

Say hello to the star of our show, Mortmercaton the Death Dealer.

His "siblings" within the death domains include:

  • Nekukakos the Vile Scholar
  • Nekradonna the Creeping Dread
  • Pernecionex the Slaughter (recently named!)
  • Taciquies the Paralyzing Silence (new concept and recently named!)
  • And one more sibling yet to be formed and named

Let alone there will be more fiendish delights when mortals and spirits, or even demons of completely different domains get involved. Expect a lot of concept art work involving this universe. Expect a lot of yarns to spin (or unravel) and contemplating the mortal coil we find ever winding down.

Don't worry. The dead and its masters can really be a lively bunch once you get to know them...

Harkening to a Deathly Past


18 October 2015 at 06:00:48 MDT

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