Further Confusion Art Track Panels Open Call! by farorenightclaw

Hi you guys! Are you going to Further Confusion 2016? It's January 14 - 18, 2016, right here in San Jose, CA! You should totally come!

Oh, you are coming? Well, have you considered running a panel? I'm sure you have lots you could teach us! Or maybe you just want to host a roundtable discussion, or bring some art supplies for people to play with for an art jam? Well, I am the Art Track Lead for FC 2016 and I am here to tell you: we want you! Bring your knowledge, your enthusiasm, your sense of humor and your sense of fun, and come host a panel at FC 2016!

Please apply to host a panel here: http://www.furtherconfusion.org/panels/ I'll be checking over the submissions and choosing the ones I feel are appropriate! We have lots of room for new panels so please go ahead and apply ASAP!

Thanks all!

Further Confusion Art Track Panels Open Call!


17 October 2015 at 13:24:40 MDT

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    I loved doing my Webcomics 101 panel last year, and I'd love to do another panel for the upcoming con! I'm actually giving that same talk at AZ Fur Con today, so I think it's time to retire my outline/slide show and come up with something new. I'm thinking I should do something more specific than just webcomics in general, since that's such a broad topic.

    However... I'm drawing a blank. I don't know what I should talk about! I'm a blabbermouth so I don't think I'll have any trouble filling time if I do get a slot, but I'm not sure what to focus on and propose. Do you happen to have any suggestions?

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      Perhaps do a Webcomics 102 panel? Talk about some of the more specific details, stuff like advertising, story composing and control, character development, dealing with skill leveling up over time leading to the comic looking different as time goes on, moving to print, selling merch, etc?

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        Done! I ended up going with a panel about what it's like to maintain a webcomic and the journey to becoming a professional. I had to keep the panel description a bit vague to fit the word limit, but I'm planning on covering the stuff you mentioned. :3 Thanks for the suggestions!