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I am back! by Zeta-Haru

Hello once again!

I have returned from the one week visit to @wagnermutt 's place! I really feel the need for this update and I have good and bad news to give you.

The bad news: Wagner decided in the last day that it would be better if I lived near my family while he is fixing his life along with his boyfriend over the other place. I'm all okay with that! Just got a bit sad because it was a big thing for me hehe :P But there is always another way, my plans now are of staying here in my city for the next months (living alone in the apartment, I will still get the experience of more responsabilities like I wanted) and next year possibily living there with them when things are safer.

The good news: After spending some time there, without drawing at all (because I had to use the laptop on the floor and was uncomfortable as heck) I feel very inspired! I got new ideas and could get the boost I wanted, specially seeing wagner so hardworking everyday ;-;

I gotta sleep soon, I landed around 2 hours ago and the trip was very tiring, at least I got to watch more Steven Universe episodes (yes I started watching yay) and I was smart to leave a Lana Del Rey playlist playing on my phone since it was going to die soon, that got me a good nap time xD

It's good to feel home again, I hope you guys didn't miss me! And thanks for all the support!

I am back!


15 October 2015 at 02:00:38 MDT

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    Welcome back! :D

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    Welcome back and I hope you sleep well.