Hi, this is Stompy the chu by Stompychu

Religious beliefs: Christian, Buddhist, Taoist


I'm a energetic young lad of 20, very profound into the logic of life, I love drawing, artwork and social work. I like drifting from thing to thing and place to place with a very uncontrollable imagination. I meditate for two hours a day. I love studying new subjects and like wondering about all the questions and cosmos of life. I'm very deeply insatiably curious and love to share my findings and views with others alot. I trust my intuition heavily on who is good and feels bad and use this to judge a person, but in opinions, I do not judge a soul. I'm a very friendly guy, but can get startled into extremely intense moods; not afraid to stand up for myself if it calls for it. I am very robust and insatiably infectiously positive about life. I could give you a good day, but like any friends, my feelings are extreme sometimes and without the assistence, I cannot see our friendship going anywhere.

I'm given to moods, but will help someone if I feel they're a good person and I'm in the mood. I like thinking about things alot, all the glorious things and questions of life, people, love friendship, hope and faith.

I can be very blunt but I try mostly to exercise tact but sometimes my mood can get in the way to say very hurtful things. Other than that, I am a wonderful person, very balanced, able to connect with any personality virtually.

I prefer friends who're non judgemental, willing to listen or atleast question further on my views and remain open to them.

I will talk alot and randomly sometimes about subjects. Often I can go in a very heavy high mood or low like anyone else. I can be very cerebral, very tactful and honest, but sometimes can explode into fits of anger not directed at someone or someone. Admittedly, it's my sensitivity, but I never truly try to hurt anyone. I simply speak my mind.

I'm mostly looking for friends who can sympathize with my views of my highly religious disposition, questioning the wonders and curiosity of life in a spontaneous matter, who can sympathize sometimes with my moments of anger and discretion in my darkest lows; atleast friends who're not too fair weather. Because stuff will get dark, trust me. But I do believe in a light, but we won't be friends if you aren't willing to stick around.

If I feel misunderstood, I'd stop the conversation right there. Atleast I am very very very sympathetic with peoples views and feelings, but I've learnt well in life to set up where I should execute action. Somethings I've learnt I should remain away with assisting.

I will be given to moments of cuddling, touching and feeling. Kisses and such.

This is me! I thought I'd post this since I am such a extremely misunderstood person as it is.

Hi, this is Stompy the chu


22 February 2013 at 05:38:15 MST

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