First time Commissions by edesk

Hi people, well this is my first time trying to make some commissions so here we go
Please if you are interested read the rules and info bellow


Lineart B/W

(extra characters +$7)
(accessories or complex characters +5)

Flat Colors

(extra characters +$10)
(accessories or complex characters +7)

Lights and shadows

(extra characters +$15
(accessories or complex characters +7)

Background/Full detail

(extra characters +$20)
(accessories or complex characters +10)


Commissions info:

-with any commission i will send you a sketch of your idea, so you can change things before i start
-with Color Commissions I will send you a preview of the colors scheme so you can make changes of the colors if its necessary
-I need a reference of the characters, if its possible no written reference
-these are prices for full body commissions, head-shots are possible but with the same prices and rules

Things i will draw:

Anthro/ Furry
Any species
Fantastic creatures
Mature pictures
Males or females characters

Things that “probably” i will draw (Ask first):

Adult and sexual scenes
Really complex characters
Complex perspectives

Things I WON’T DO:

Cub/Underage sexual stuff
Some fetishes (ask first)
complex backgrounds

Possible Questions

-Why are prices so cheap?
R: well this is my first time trying to take commissions so im really new with the idea of place prices and that, but if you have a suggestion and that please tell me, I’m all ears (send me a note) ^^

-Why are prices so expensive?
R: Sincerely i think are not so expensive, and i think my work have a value so thats the reason, if you think are expensive, well, there are other artists and options out there

-why you don’t make some sort of ideas or topics?
R: principally because i don’t feel comfortable with that, sometimes is with the idea and others is because the difficulty level for me is high

-how much time you can take to finish a commission?
R: try to make it as quickly as possible, sometimes will be 1 or 2 days, other drawings maybe 5 days, or even a bit more of a week. That depends of the complexity of the commission and if there are other people on the queue.


if you read everything and still want a commission,

-please send me an email to: edeskandfur[at]
-Or a private message or a note.
-I can refuse or say No to a commission if I feel uncomfortable with it or i feel that I can’t make it.
-I will begin with the first half of the price, and you will pay the second half when I am finished.
-Only Pay Pal payments accepted
-you can post the final image in your gallery, with credit.

-If you have a question or a suggestion please send me a note or Message ^^

First time Commissions


4 October 2015 at 21:57:44 MDT

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