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Dipping into digital art! by Reisfuchs

Hey everybody!

I got a good deal on a used 2nd gen Wacom Cintiq 21UX. So these days I'm trying it out and I am so incredibly happy with it! It's so fricking huge though, honestly did not expect that xD It's more like a TV than a tablet!
Will upload G11 Space version ref sheet soon. It's not my first digital art, but the stuff I've done before is really outdated already and I never seriously dabbled further than that. I use Krita, because Sai lags like hell, which seems to be a problem combined from driver and Win 10 issues. And I tried photoshop but it was so wonky and not easy to use? You also reaaaally feel how it was made for photos and not art. It all caters to photo manipulation and I don't really feel comfortable using it :(

Which programs do you guys use? Any tips for a starter?

Hope y'all are doing well!

Dipping into digital art!


3 October 2015 at 06:27:59 MDT

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    I use SAI and really couldn't live without it. Have you tried re-downloading and installing? You could also try out Clip studio! Thats also really fine and not too expensive.
    If you're looking for free stuff I hear that Firealpaca is good?

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      Yeah, I even downloaded a "compatible" version, but it didn't change anything. I love Sai so much, I hope they fix it ;w;
      I'll look into the other programs as well, have heard from firealpaca at least. Thanks!

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    SAI is supposed to have an upgrade in the near future--that could be why it lags with Win10 and all. :)

    I use Manga Studio 5...which pretty much has everything that SAI has. And if you're doing has a lot of pre-set panel layout pages (as well as tool to create your own). It has some nice effect brushes and backgrounds as well...and other odd tools to use (like a pose figure thing). For the most part...places like Amazon have had MS5 on sale (physical copy) pretty often and it was cheaper than buying SAI. You can also buy it on MS's website (download version). :)

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      Well, then I'll keep my fingers crossed for the update :D
      I have heard of Manga Studio, it often circulates around tumblr when its on sale again. I'll keep my eyes peeled for that! Thanks ^^

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        You're very welcome! :D

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        Manga studio is simply the American branding of Clip studio paint. I guess I should have mentioned that X)
        It'll be esier to find under Clip studio these days I think.

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      Awww! I'm definately not gonna leave all my traditional stuff behind :) It's way more fun so far. And I enjoy the feeling and the look of art on paper way too much to just leave it all behind ^^ But I think I know what you feel like, I am also a little bit crouchy sometimes when I see fave traditional artists turn to digital art.
      Don't worry :)

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    I use Manga Studio, Photoshop, SAI, Gimp, and I've tested a few others that i liked as well. for the time being I'm Using Clip Studio Paint! Photoshop seems geared for photos at the start because it is! but it had a ton of features for art too. You just need to set it up! and it works better then most! but I would recommend SAI or Manga Studio if you want something that is preset and more cost efficient! ^_^