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Readers and Writers: How you can help me! by Threetails

I don't often ask for shout-outs because I generally believe that a good thing sells itself.

However, thinking about how long I work on my projects and the amount of care I took in making every book I release the best I can do at the time, I feel like it's time to ask for a little help because I feel that my work is being overlooked.

When "The Goldenlea" was released, it didn't get much fanfare. In fact not many people besides me posted anything about it in their journals, and I haven't seen a single review, so very few people to date even know it exists.

I began writing this book back in 2003. I battled severe depression, failed relationships, writer's block, and dealing with moving four times across two continents to bring it to you. It took five years to finish the first draft alone and another four years of revisions before I was satisfied enough to release it to the public. It's the book that got me discovered outside the furry fandom.

Hell, I earned the right to ask for some recognition.

That's why I'm asking you- especially you fellow writers out there- to please, tell your friends about it! And if you have a copy, read it!

I'm also willing to provide five writers with a .pdf copy of the book free of charge. HOWEVER...

  1. It will not have any of the lovely illustrations by Kobi Lacroix. You'll have to buy the book to see those. This will be text only, and formatted like a professional manuscript the same way you'd see going over the transom to a publisher.

  2. I want you to link me to at least one other review you've done. If you haven't done a review yet, pick a book that you've read at some point and post a review. I want to see that you're willing to do this and not just getting a free copy out of me.

  3. I want you to be as honest in your review as possible. If you hate it, tell me why, and don't worry about promoting it; I won't ask you to promote junk. But if you like it, please recommend the book as much as you can!

  4. I would like to see a review come up within the next month if possible. I would rather not send out a free copy that won't be read for a year or two because I've been waiting a long time for this as it is.

Comment or note me with reviews you've done elsewhere and a good e-mail address to send it to.

And even if you're not good at writing reviews, please link to this journal! Help me out. I don't have much to show for all I've done and I need my friends to help spread the word.

Readers and Writers: How you can help me!


22 February 2013 at 01:40:27 MST

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    Your book is on my list of stuff to read as I've enjoyed everything else of yours that I have read, but I am sadly a very slow reader, and often simply forget to make time to read. That being said, once I do read your book, I would gladly write a review for it, and at the very least I can right now link to this journal in a few places :)

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    I would be willing to read and review, though I have not posted book reviews before now. Would any book review work, or should it be specific to the fandom, or outside of it? Also, where should a review be posted to show I'm taking it seriously?

    Promotion is a huge part of ensuring others find your work, so this is a step in the right direction. You have certainly earned the right for attention through your effort, but that alone is not enough, as you are experiencing. Look for ways to promote your work through social networks like twitter and facebook. Link all of your accounts/pages/blogs to a website dedicated to yourself as a writer or a specific story so that people have a web of information which will capture them and lead further along the path of discovery.

    Until I read some portion of your work, I would not feel right recommending anything, so I will peruse your gallery to get a taste of what you create. My best wishes toward you and your success.

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    I think I'll have a look to this :-)

    I finished two days ago a wonderful book, made me remember how great reading was.

    Have you any teaser / chapters online ? This can greatly improve your chances of bringing people to your store. Also, maybe getting KobiLaCroix posting the cover and a link to those (selected) chapters online is not a bad idea.

    A good thing sells itself, certainly, but when it comes to furries... You might need to boost things a bit. Furries are lazy. They want quickly watched porn to click "+fave" and "next"

    I learned it the hard way

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      Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, because of one person's dishonesty, I have decided to withdraw this offer.

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    Completely understand. I'm sorry for what could have happened (not that hard to guess, though). Good luck on your future projects :-)