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Updates: by fuwacat

I'm doing well :33 but there's a tropical storm heading my way vAv it's supposed to be here around Saturday and it's already a level 3...lot's of rain and possibly some flooding. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case I end up powerless and unable to get back on line for a while...we're already starting to see rain from it.

I think I'm going to suspend taking in commissions until after it blows through...since I don't know if I'll have power to work on them with...and if I do, that's great because I can work on the three I have X33 I'm sure they'll keep me plenty busy.

At least I'm attached to "city water" now so I can still use water even if the power goes out :33 Back home we had a well and an electric pump so no electric meant no water ;^;

Arthritis is no fun with storms about :/

Hope you're all doing well!!
Much love



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    Best of luck, and stay safe. I'm a bit farther north than you it seems, but it is supposed to slam my area pretty hard on Sunday

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      Thank you and to you as well!! No joy riding through it like the idiots where I live :T I swear people around here are just stupid beyond belief

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        Well, now they are saying it is going to veer off and into the ocean before it hits here, but who knows :x Either way, I hope everything goes well for you!

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          Hopefully X33 and you as well :33

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    Oh man! Be Safe! <3 I hope it doesn't get that bad! We're getting a bit of a drizzle here that might turn to snow at some point. :D
    Been there with the well - it was like camping in my own home. lol

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      I will!! OMFG SNOW? You lucky, lucky corg-mon ;^; I never get any snow rolls around in it
      Yiss...thankfully I don't have to worry about too much of that anymore X33 Using pots filled with water prestorm for the next three days to flush toilets is a pain :/ It never took them less than three days to get power back on tho