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Back from RF & Open for Comms! by wrf

Home from RainFurrest. Overall, my weekend was pretty excellent - though I felt the con itself wasn't anything super special. There were some missteps with layout and information for the panels and, as always, there was limited appeal for those available panels.

The Hilton's bar in the lobby was pretty awful in terms of service, so it kind of made sitting in the lobby to mingle/wait for people more of a chore.

It was great to meet the new faces I did and see some old ones. I hope we can make it out west for another convention sometime in the near future, but I don't know how feasible that is going to be with our plans for the next year.

I also wanted to post that I am open for commissions, in art, crafting, and writing. I know my profile is relatively bare at the moment but I am in the midst of transferring my old gallery over to my new accounts.

That being said, if you are interested in anything similar to what I'm posting or just wanted to ask on something, please feel free to contact me on twitter or telegram (driftwoodcoon), PM here, or email at wrffer AT gmail DOT com.

Back from RF & Open for Comms!


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