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Life Situation by Zeta-Haru

First of all, hi guys ^^

I wanted to write this journal because it is important, it's about my personal life, which I'm not a big of fan of sharing like this, but it's going to affect not only my personal life but probably the professional as well.

From where should I start... I don't even know. Hm... Lately bad things happened to me, besides important friends leaving me, family issues, and relationship problems (which I guess everyone has to deal with these from time to time and it's not the end of the world), I live with my father and his wife in this apartment.

Right, but something happened, it's related to house acquirement and just... you know when birds gotta let their offspring fly for the first time? something like that. It's not that I have been forced to move out, or live alone, it's because I don't want to live with them forever, I can't keep living like this in here, it feels like a prison where I can't express myself and everything needs to be a secret, I'm tired of this, and "coming out" about my sexuality isn't going to make things better, I'd rather live alone and move already.

And living alone in the place I am right now isn't going to be good for me, feeling alone is something that hits hard on me, and spending every day like that, relying on online interactions isn't going to solve the problem.

That's why I will be moving to @WagnerMutt 's place to live there soon. First I'm going to visit, just as a test before making anything permanent, I would still need to solve some issues where I live, sell stuff before, etc. the visit is going to happen during october, I'm going to spend a week over there and then come back, solve what needs to be solved, but I'm not sure when exactly I would be moving to live there officially.

I really need this, I have been friends with him for a long time already and I trust him, and living with another artist, that now works as a full time artist along with his boyfriend there, is going to be very beneficial to me. I will definitely improve my work speed living there, we both could start some projects together, etc.
And there is the side where that will get rid of the loneliness and sadness, having friends around and being able to be myself, do what I want to do without worries, finally LIVE, is just priceless to me.

Now, it is going to be a big change, that's why I wanted to warn you, because during this starting period, my work routine can become messed up, and I will take some time to stabilize and get used to the new place, just like a new puppy ;-;

Thanks for reading and caring! I'm sorry for any trouble, delays on comic, on commission opening, but I promise I will make up to it in the future >_<

Life Situation


24 September 2015 at 22:21:01 MDT

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    Living in a situation where you feel like you are not free to express yourself or be yourself is stressful, difficult, and nerve-wracking. It builds up slowly over time, but can become a huge burden. Glad to hear that there may be a way for you to change your situation, I hope that it works out for you!
    An important thing when you're making a big life change like this: Take all the time necessary to get your feet under you! Find your comfortable rhythm before diving headlong into work. You'll feel better and be able to work at a steady pace if you've already settled in well :)

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    I know how all that goes, good luck!