Salutations! by marcb0t

Greetings everyone!

I'm a time traveling rob0t from a dystopian future. I like to make music for ancient audio devices. Especially what is called chiptune music. That style stayed pretty much underground until it went mainstream in the early 22nd century. Humans were getting pretty nostalgic at that point. But I digress...

I joined this site primarily because of 2 of my best friends are on here, Tiido, and Woofle! They are just really cool people, and very talented at what they do with sound design, music, and such. I'm wanting to post my music and any photography of interest (though that mostly goes to Instagram, hehe). Also, I'm desiring to learn how to draw and paint some pretty pictures. I can draw like a horse with a messed up tail in a rough pencil sketch, but I need someone who can mentor and train me in that area.

I can make chiptunes, pixelart, and even more professional sounding music, though I don't have much time to do so these days. I'm also learning to play the piano. And once I have a job that doesn't involve yelling all day, I can also sing. So, we'll see what the alternate future holds.

Furry art is something I like in general. Well, I don't like the sex stuff... Yuck! not my style. I'm a "G-rating" kind of rob0t. But I like cute and fuzzy animals, and comic cartoon stuff, photography, scenery, and things like that.

So, does a rob0t even fit within the furry community? I don't know, but thought I'd see what happens. =0



23 September 2015 at 22:37:47 MDT

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