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Cameos! (Weekend 2) by Zeta-Haru

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This is something I've been thinking about since I started making the Weekend 2 comic. I will have to add a few background characters in most scenes that will happen in the camp they're going in this story.

I really don't want to sell cameo spots as auctions for two reasons:

  • The comic is released first on Patreon, if I had to post the each preview page for the public to bid, it wouldn't work with my Patreon system, and it would spoil the surprise of new page posts.

  • I simply don't think it's fair to make an auction just for a cameo, I'm already getting your support on Patreon, if I had to give cameos, it would need to be through there.

That's why I will be offering cameos to my supporters, I still don't know 100% of the requisites to list, but I'm certain of two: The character couldn't be way too customized (different hybrids, multi-colored fur and design patterns that are not natural). And I wouldn't want to make the cameo pick random, I am thinking of simply adding it at the highest Patreon tier and start from there, if I draw everyone in that tier then I would go for the tier above, OR, I could go for highest lifetime support, because these are the people who I really owe something more than a thank you, for investing in me so much (or so long) ;-;

In the end, the cameo number is going to be around 10~30 maximum, I still don't know exactly, I could always add more or less people in the background scenes (and yes, the cameos would be for people in the background and that don't have a line or effect on the story).

I'm sharing this with all watchers because I think it shouldn't a patreon post only, since this news could be what some were waiting to start supporting me or something x3 anyway, just spreading the news of this decision!

Thanks for your support and appreciation!

Cameos! (Weekend 2)


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    30 cameos? How long will the comic be? If it's as long as the last weekend comic, wouldn't that work out to 2.5 different OC characters on every panel or something like that?

    That's a lot of individual furries! Think of all the angel wings and fangs and feathers and heterochromic eye colors...

    I wanna see this

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    I think the idea of starting the cameo list with your highest or longest lifetime supporters is a good one. That's a great way to give an extra "Hey, thanks!" to folks who have been behind your work for a long time. With the possibility of so many cameos, it also gives a chance to newer supporters too. Although, you could split the cameos as well. Maybe 2/3 go to the list of long-timers, and 1/3 to the newer supporters (maybe set some kind of limit - at least two months of support at a minimum tier or something). That could encourage some folks to jump in when they've been hesitating.
    I have to say, though, 30 would be an enormous amount of cameos in a comic! I wish you luck, and thank you for sharing your work with us! :)