School is Better + Secret Project by Nepenthe

What a turnaround since Monday! I found Ivy Hall! And it's a pretty old antebellum house with the most random decor you've ever seen Jesus Christ! And my writing teacher is amazeballs! Great sense of humor. He's definitely going to stave off the pain of the art history class.... I can't stand art history. x.x I'm also a validated student now after making a payment so once I pick up my new ID no one can tell me what to do with my life. fistpump

Also, I have an interesting project in mind that not only involves art but Weasylers and even FAers playing an actual game. So if you like collecting things, stay tuned! o3o

School is Better + Secret Project


17 September 2015 at 18:57:39 MDT

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    I'm glad things have picked up for you!

    Is art history really that bad? oh jeez I don't wanna do THAT class

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      All of the professors I've had for it are really dry. Compound that with historical material not being all that interesting to me (outside of an animation perspective), and I'm counting the minutes. x.x

      Note, some people say that there are boss history teachers that can keep you engaged. I just never had one. xP