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Things have gotten Tight + Donation Stream by Syaokitty

Hi everyone, i've been unsure if i should type this kinda thing up for a little while now and i'll try to keep it simple and easy to read/understand with the info involved.

Things are tight, recently a handful of expenses (some including my identity being stolen, ontop of various bills) have happened, and i'm sure you all know as much as i do the job market is hard (especially for Socal..) so while i continue to look for work this, commissions from you all are literally my only source of income, and while i appreciate every single commission i get, its sadly not steady enough to keep me going.

I don't like nor do i want handouts, i don't want you all to just donate money to help me out, i want to provide a service.

I was thinking of hosting a possibly day long stream where you all can just donate and watch me draw, i'd gladly offer pictures to those who donate, i'd want as many of you to make it as possible so since i'm almost always free, what days in the upcoming weeks are you all willing to stop by? i'd like to plan ahead, make a date and have as many come as possible, even if you don't donate watching and sharing is helpful too. once a date is picked i'll advertise it around.

what you all like about this kinda thing would help too! like how should donation rewards work, how does one pull this kinda thing off, questions are appreciated too! i'll try to answer what i can.

In this hard time for me, any and all help is greatly appreciated, i thank you for reading and helping if you do.

Things have gotten Tight + Donation Stream


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