Wow gonna update now by Skahlly

I've been letting my Weasyl account fall by the wayside again, need to remember to update and check it like I do FA.

I'm actually open for some tail commissions right now, too. I have a lot of stock on hand that I want to use up so I'm looking to make some tails in the colors I have. And... I have quite a bit and lots of shades and tones as well as guard hairs in multiple colors so it's all going to be the same quality you are used to, I'm using up good stuff, not just junk colors lol. Pretty much the only colors I'm lacking are Browns other than caramel, bright Orange (I have lots of rusty fox orange), blues, and crayon green. So if you are interested in a tail, now is a good time to look into it unless your tail is mostly those colors!

Otherwise, I'm just going to try to at least remember to share my work with those of you that watch me here! Thanks for your patience!

Wow gonna update now


16 September 2015 at 21:57:50 MDT

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