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5 Random Questions - Day Three by Greyscale the Hyena

4 of today's questions are submitted by "mordrude" and "jennovazombie" on FA.

  1. I looooove "god" games like the Sims or Zoo Tycoon. It is mostly for the creating/design aspect of it all, but I love them. I also find I get bored with them quickly once all the creating is done. Lawl.

  2. I enjoy avocados in guacamole, but dislike them in any other form. Biting into something that looks solid but has the consistency of baby food, it fucks with my head.

  3. The last time I went swimming was in November of 2012. I was at the public pool (which is awesome here. Local furs, we gotta go sometime.) with a small group of friends. I prefer to swim in natural water sources, but they are usually too cold.

  4. I know this is the furry in me saying this, but if I could have any super power, I wish I had the ability to transform into any animal. I mean, how fun would that be?

  5. I am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol. 1 or 2 shots or a single mix drink and I'm buzzed. Good thing I am a happy/giggly drunk.

Again, feel free to ask as many questions below as you want answered. Thanks for reading.

5 Random Questions - Day Three

Greyscale the Hyena

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