Full Body Commissions Starting at $15! by lilachoneydeer

So! Here goes!

So! I've decided to open 5 digital slots for commissions for the next month. I've never opened commissions publicly before, so I am considering this experimental as I am still deciding on pricing, and have yet to write an official T.O.S and all that jazz. Anyway though! Here's what I have to offer so far!

  • Single Character, Full Body Image with Flat Color, Unclothed - $15
  • Single Character, Full Body Image with Flat Color, Clothed - $20

  • Clothed Implies: A full outfit on a character, anthropomorphic or feral. I will allow 1-2 small accessories for still $15 (a diaper on a babyfur, earrings and a bracelet, etc.)

  • I have the personal right to increase the price by $5 depending on character complexity, a general rule being anything over 5 main body colors, or characters with very specific markings. Small details like eyes, claws, etc. do not count. Only complex / specific markings on the main body.

  • Please specify as much detail as possible about the pose and expression of the character! If none is given, I will take artistic liberty towards this.

  • Background Choices: I will always include a free simple background to what I think suites the picture. It may be some artistic scribbles, polka dots, a gradient wash, but you get to choose 1-3 colors that I will use for the layout. If you see something you like amongst my already done pieces, feel free to specify, otherwise I will just pick what I think suites best.
    Here is a good example of both the quality, and a style of background- http://paroapockinroo.deviantart.com/art/Clef-Mouse-558452278

  • Also! I will add your character's name as a complimentary option to make the image usable as a badge if you ask me!

  • SFW only right now. My only terms are that I only draw dry diapers on baby/ageplay characters, and no heavy gore / open wounds. I also have minimal practice drawing overweight / muscular furs so please be aware of that.

  • SOME EXAMPLES: I do not have many right now that specifically represent what I'll be doing, but these are close in style and quality.
    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17604568/ (Mature)
    Please look through my gallery for further examples!

I also encourage everyone to look on my instagram for further style and details! https://instagram.com/musicmarshmallow/

The slots will remain open until this journal is remade or deleted, though if a slot is selected, I will not begin work on them until after next Saturday, 9/12.
Please leave a comment below if interested, and feel free to comment / note any further questions!


ALSO! This YCH is still available! And as a side note, though the background is done in photoshop, the rest of the drawing will be finished using Paint Tool SAI. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15801201/ (Also visable in my Weasyl Gallery)

Full Body Commissions Starting at $15!


7 September 2015 at 18:44:32 MDT

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