Sorry for the delays by LarkspurDragon

For all you people who have used my character giveaway form, thank you! These give me a lot of practice and make me feel like I'm not a total failure as an artist.

On that note, I'm sorry for the delays in posting anything after the zonkey kid. I left my main tablet at work so I'm not able to work on them when I'm away from home until I get that back. I did use it as an excuse to haul out my Cintiq 12WX, which I've finally gotten to work how I want it to and which I love, but it's about as portable as a grand piano.

That said, I'd like to finish up the old set tomorrow and then I'll get started on the new set. Thanks for your patience!

Want one or two of your own?

Sorry for the delays


1 September 2015 at 13:34:36 MDT

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    Life happens...don't let it stress you. :)

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    These are freebies, so don't stress out about them too much :)

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    What the others are saying, free art should come at your leisure :3