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Time to September! by mamath

Okay, trying to keep up with the monthly journal thing. :D

August went okay! It was either, like, wildly excellent (SMASH! was great!!) or wildly terrible (I'm on three different pain killers atm!). My relatives came and went and I think they enjoyed their visit okay so whew! Good to see them but glad that I've got personal space back. :U

So SMASH! was great. I sold out of Boxfoxes by like 3pm on Day 1, which is crazy, frankly. But I made a good return to turn around and put into a plush restock and paying the Starrytellers artists. :D Boxfox stock is running low online too (Purple is out, Pink and Yellow are close behind) but we should be restocked in a couple of months. I'm starting the ball rolling on Green, Red and Blue Boxfoxes too! Just about to send the fabric samples over to the factory this week, just looking for the right pale blue. :D It looks like I'll be able to get it all done without a Kickstarter but we'll...see........... I really don't want to Kickstart but I guess I could do a small one if I absolutely have to.

The only convention to worry about this month (September) is Oz Comicon in three weeks! I feel pretty prepared for it already so I'm not going to stress too much about getting new stuff ready - maybe a couple of new posters? And then October is also really quiet. So I'm putting all my energy into longer-term projects! Sewing projects and book projects. :D And of course fixing up all my borked as hell skeleton (aahhh medical bills ;_;).

Starrytellers, the comic anthology about stars, is going well thus far - there's now a FB page for people to keep track of! Submissions have really started to roll in and I'm compiling it all right now so I have easy access while I pull the book together for proof printing. We printed flyers and started handing them out at conventions and we'll look for comic book stores/libraries/etcetc to take some as well. If anyone has any ideas for generating publicity for the project, I'm all ears! Soon we'll try to get radio/podcast time happening... After that, I'm not sure. The Kickstarter will run in October so I think we should do some sort of share competition during that month, too.

So yeah. Just really busy between art and health things! It'll take some time to get through all of this but the results will be graaannd (I hope!).

Time to September!


1 September 2015 at 06:41:55 MDT

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