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Orange Shimeji Desktop Mascot by Idun J. Fox

So I've been working on one of Orange, not quite done with it yet, but yeah. Anybody know what those are? The little dorks that run around on your dekstop and just act like a cute little asshat?

Decided to start making one after seeing this dweeb make one:

Stallon Stallon

So I'm making one of Orange, and I'll be posting a link to its download and whatnot once I finish it, but I'm curious.

Who'd even use it? And in addition to that, who would want to pay to have a Shimeji of themselves/their character done and how much?

'Cause I'm interesting in opening for sprite animation commissions, and this'd be a cool way to sell sprite animations for people to use.

Some example animations of Orange in it.

Orange Shimeji Desktop Mascot

Idun J. Fox

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    How many animations does one of these mascot things require by default?

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    You know I would, but I don't have the money or characters you'd be willing to draw, and even if I did have the money, I am unable to send you any money as well.